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Apple TV to get its own App and Game store in March

New rumors indicate that an upcoming software update for Apple’s streaming and media device the Apple TV will include an App store for both Apps and Games.

At least, that is what iLounge claims who has “heard from reliable sources in the industry”, this update is supposed to become available around March 2014, Apple engineers are also working on a new Bluetooth controller for the Apple TV. according to the same sources.

The games that will become available on the Apple TV work together with other iDevices like the iPhone and iPad but instead of having an iOS device as an intermediary we will see Apple use similar methods to how Android based gaming console OUYA does it, which uses “Cloud Gaming” (where the game is rendered on external servers) and then stream the game to the Apple TV through iCloud

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Sources also claim that game support will be backward-compatible with the current-generation of Apple TV’s. (We have asked our sources on this rumor and are waiting reply from them)