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The Best Multiplayer Games for PS4

If you want to play together with friends, family, or siblings, you may want to invest in a few games that are multiplayer. There are many great multiplayer games out there that can be played alone or with friends on PS4. Here is a list of some of the best multiplayer games to play next time your friends come around.

Rocket League

Although this game came out in 2015, it is still widely popular. You can play online with your friends or multiplayer in the same room. Whether you choose to play against others or against the computer, this is a fun and competitive game for any age group. This is football with a twist. Instead of traditional football, your aim is to score as many goals as you can, whilst driving in a car. You will have hours of battling against each other or against others trying to win and improve your rocket league skills.


This game rose to the top out of nowhere and is now one of the most played multiplayer game worldwide. You can play Fortnite with your friends via the PS4 network, as well as multiplayer in the same house. Battle with friends to be the last one standing in this addictive battle game. Once you play, you will not be able to stop until you have won. This is a child-friendly alternative to many battle games as you jump out onto the field and try to sneak up on others. Build fortresses and be the last team standing.

The Best Multiplayer Games for PS4 - 1


This game series follows a great storyline and can be played solo as well as multiplayer. Fight with your friends on Helios and discover the hidden secrets. Full of great humor and a friendly little robot named Claptrap, if you like games with a great storyline, Borderlands has you covered. This is an 18-cert due to the nature of the game and the language used. Check out Extensivelyreviewed.Com for the best gaming accessory reviews to enjoy Borderlands even more.


Forever a great game for the football lovers of the house, each year, FIFA sells a new game with the latest and best players. Pick your team and play against your family and friends. With great graphics, any football fans will love playing with their favorite team. Whether you want to settle the score once and for all or fancy a quick game, FIFA is always a winner.

Knowledge is Power

This is a great one for all the family, whether for a party or for a festive event, this quiz show is guaranteed to have the whole family having a go. The best part of this game is that you do not even need controllers: you can connect to the game using a smartphone, meaning everyone can join in to show who really is the smartest. A fun-filled family game that is great for getting the whole gang together.

There are many other great multiplayer games out there for all ages and likes. Get playing with your friends now.