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New Google Hangouts 2.5 adds stickers [APK Download]

Google has just started rolling out Google Hangouts 2.5 adding several new features and fixing some annoying bugs. One of the main new features are Stickers and confirmed phone numbers. Confirmed Phone Numbers will allow people who know you to search for your Google+ or Hangouts profile with your cell phone number, this will make it much easier for users to find you on Google Hangouts.

Hangouts 2.5 apk download

Another new feature allows users to share a temporary link to their location, more then 16 new stickers and new life filters for video chats. Here is our tutorial on how to use and get stickers on Hangouts

Google Hangouts 2.5 APK download

Google Hangouts 2.5 is currently rolling out OTA but it can take some time for it to get to your device. You can download the Hangouts 2.5 APK download and install manually. Keep in mind that you are required to run Android 4.0.3 or above to be able to install Hangouts v2.5