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How to add stickers to Google Hangouts on Android

Don’t we all love emoticons and stickers? For those who use Google Hangouts on Android you might have noticed that the app doesn’t allow you to send stickers, something that Google has implemented into its iOS version of Google Hangouts and is expected to become available sometime on Android too, but why wait? Here is how you can add Stickers (GIFs) to Google Hangouts on Android:

  1. Open up the following URL and download the “Stickers for Hangouts” app
  2. Once installed, open up the Google Hangouts app
  3. Navigate to a Chat and click on the Attachment icon
  4. Click on “add a sticker”
  5. voila!

Hangouts stickers android

Here is the full list: Angry, Cake, Cat Happy, Cat Heart, Celebration, Cheers, Confused, Crying, Double High Five, Fist bump, Flexed Arm, Frustrated, Ghost, Halo Guy, Happy, Happy Blushing, Happy Crying, Heart Eyed, Joy, Kiss, LOL, Meh, Mums The Word, Music, Oh No, Okay, OMG Terrified, Poop, Praying, Princess, Sad, Scared, Sick, Silly, Sleepy, Smirk, Sparkling Heart, Sunglasses, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Thumping Heart, Waving, Wink, Winter, Worried, Spring, Valentine, New Year and Irish. Here is a video demonstrating how the app works: