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Apps For Different Lifestyles

Have you ever wished that apps just came built in your mobile phone according to your lifestyle? Life would be much easier, don’t you think? I’m sure you’ve also had the same problem of being frustrated that you have all this bloatware in your on 16 gig smartphone taking a third of the allotted memory space, and unless you are on Android where you have the option to root your phone, you just end up having to deal with it. I mean, these smartphone manufacturers have certainly come a long way from the first ever touchscreen smartphones, but now consumers want their phones more personal tech than ever.

Until that day comes we’ll just have to do it ourselves. We always have the option of downloading the apps essential to us. The only thing is that with the limited space that your phone can handle, you have to make sure that each app you download counts.

Here are five of my favorites, and a must have if you are any of the following:

For The Business Man And The Travelers

Sleekins – The Sleeklens  app allows you to create workflows for photographers of any skill level to retouch images in an easy way that comes out great. You can then use Thatsweetgift for a nice decoration at home.

For The Business Man And The Travelers

Currencyfair – This Currency Exchange  app certainly makes it easier to to transfer money anywhere, you get real time currenccy convertion from and to any currency on the app, a certain must have for businessmen on the go and travellers alike.

For The Multitasking Mom

Expensify –  this is a great free app for balancing your household d budget, you can make it as detailed or as simple as you want. This is an app that can be useful whatever your lifestyle is, comes in handy for travelers too.

For The Messenger Crazy

Drupe – Now this app works wonders, ever had trouble switching from one messenger to another? Yes this happens a lot, from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and then to Viber and all the other apps you can think of, there is a way to combine them all. Drupe, can access all your contacts and you can choose to message them in the app using all the messenger service you have in your mobile.

For The Photocentric

Camera 360 Ultimate – this app certainly makes photography fun, has 200 filters and can even do NFC photo sharing and has tons of one-touch fixing tools.