How to enable Call feature on Whatsapp 2.11.508

It has almost been a year since the first rumors about WhatsApp adding VOIP calls to its popular IM app but it appears to be that in the new Whatsapp 2.11.508 APK for Android it has finally added this new feature.

As Reddit user pradnesh07 confirms that you can now make voice calls using WhatsApp, it appears that WhatsApp is using an invite system allowing users to only get the new calling feature if they get called by another user that already has it enabled. The screenshots shared by Prednesh07 show that the update will also give Whatsapp a new Material Design look

Whatsapp Call feature

How to enable Calls on WhatsApp without getting an invite

For those who don’t know anyone who has the feature enabled, there is another way of enabling it as Reddit user Tropiux has successfully enabled this calling feature by following these steps:

  1. Open up your Terminal
  2. With root privileges, run the following command
  3. am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

Keep in mind that this has to be done everytime you want to use the call feature but once enabled, call a friend that has the latest version, it will enable his calling feature and let him call you, this will enable yours permanently. 

Download  Whatsapp 2.11.508 APK 

In order to be able to get the new calling feature you will have to have the latest WhatsApp APK. You can download WhatsApp 2.11.508 APK  from the official WhatsApp website (mirror). It requires you to run Android 2.1 or above but in order to get the calling feature you are required to run Android 4.4 or above. File name: com.whatsapp-2.11.508-450263-minAPI7.apk

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  1. I have done the second methode my friend updated to latest version but i canot call him he donot appear no contacts apper

  2. I am on version 4.4.2 but still after installing WhatsApp 2.11.508 it looks same as previous app? help me out please

  3. I did all the above! I see calling feature but when I try to tap wanting to call, I can’t find any contact! If there is someone who has the calling feature too, can share his number I will attempt and see if it can work out

      1. I have no friend on whatsapp i want good friends paz add me in whatsapp
        Its my id number plz add me

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