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New Android devices to show “powered by Android” when booting up

New Android devices that have been revealed over the past couple of weeks (among them the Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One M8) all have a new “Powered by Android” text when booting up the device and it appears to be that Google is now forcing smartphone manufacturers to include this text on their device.

According to Geek, with this, Google wants to inform its users of what operation system they are running as most of the non-technical people out there don’t usually know what operation system they have or version they are running. It appears to be only on devices that have Google’s Play Store on them, so you won’t be seeing this text any time soon on for example an Amazon Kindle tablet which only has the Amazon App store and doesn’t include the Google Play Store. Here is how it looks on the new HTC One M8:

HTC One M8 powered by Android

Here is the same text on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 (via androidcentral)

Galaxy S5 powered by android