More users report Nexus 6 exploding battery issue

First, the Galaxy S5 was affected by the exploding battery issue even catching fire but it seems that now the Nexus 6 seems to be experiencing similar issues as more users are reporting their battery blowing up.

It doesn’t seem that battery life isn’t the only bad thing about the Nexus 6 as it can also harm you, as was the case for Monica Jasuja which shared some horrifying pictures of her Nexus 6 Exploding battery on Twitter

Nexus 6 exploding battery

The difference between the Galaxy S5 battery issue is that the Nexus 6 one actually explodes, it doesn’t just swell. The incident happened while the phone was lying unused or near anybody to do serious harm. This seems to be just another serious issue which Motorola seems to be ignoring, if you own a Nexus 6 we highly recommend you do the following things:

  • Don’t leave your Nexus 6 charging unattended
  • If you are using your Nexus 6 as alarm clock, please keep it from a safe distance
  • If you device is overheating, turn it off and leave it unattended at a safe distance
  • With the slightest swelling of the battery, stop using the device and take it to the store where you bought it.
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  1. Wow came to this article after reading a, “Why do you think the Nexus 6 is failing?” Well that’s disappointing news…I’m a huge fan of Google and it’s definitely a bummer seeing this kind of thing happening to their phones.

    1. It’s even more of a bummer that Motorola is ignoring a problem which could seriously harm a person and in turn could harm Motorola’s wallet with lawsuits.

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