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Looksery: The Photoshop for video chat

Have you ever found yourself angling your smartphone’s camera in some weird angle during a video chat to look better or add filters to your selfies to hide a blemish. Meet Looksery, which recently launched their plan on KickStarter, they claim it is not so much about money, but to get early feedback from backers. Backers get 80% off on all unlocked filters and will also be one of the first people to use the app, give input and brag to friends… We believe that the app will be an instant contender to the widely popular app SnapChat along with Skype, Kik and even FaceBook’s SlingShot.

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The new app takes the video chat feature adds the abilities of Photoshop and Instagram and wraps it all into one. The app even deletes the video messages after they are viewed so your privacy is secure.

Looksery is a new start up company from San Francisco Bay Area, California with a dream that is already becoming a reality, the app will debut an iOS app sometime during August of this year with Android following later in November.

The system will work without the real-time face tracking/face modification filters. After you selected filter and did recording, you can send recorded video privately to friends or share via social networks. Filters can be applied as post-effects to already recorded videos and captured photos.

“Camera lenses are distorting faces, making them look fatter. We decided to fix that by tracking the face and correcting the proportions. When we achieved this, we also decided to let users change other parts like: eye color, chin, eyebrows, nose, etc. – to look better or just for fun”  said Victor Shaburov, CEO “and we hope users will enjoy video messaging more”

The app will also allow you to save your images or videos to your camera roll or to share to others. Some of the effects provided are: changes to eye color, softer skin, changes nose size, changes to face shape, and changes chin shape. The amazing thing about these effects are that they are in real-time. Meaning that you can choose an effect and see it right then and there. No more saving the photo and changing it afterwards. There are even more effects such as 3D Avatar Fun Effects that changes the whole out look of your appearance. Some of them include Zombie, Skull, X-Ray, Scary Face, and 3D Animated Bear which we can’t wait to see.

Even though it is coming into a world that is absolutely dominated by every messaging app imaginable, we have yet to see any app as unique as Looksery. Looksery is on a long road but they know what they are doing and they will show the world that this technology is not only fun but unique and different.