Android 4.4.3 brings more new bugs then it has fixed

The new Android 4.4.3 version came with bug fixes and several improvements to the dialer app, but now that the update is out, it turns out that there are more new bugs then it has fixed old ones. Many users are reporting issues mainly with their Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices while the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are also being affected but not as bad. Here are some of the new bugs:

  • Small bugs in the Play Store, Email services and GPS (Affect all Nexus devices) 
  • Bad Wifi connectivity: (Affects the Nexus 5) Users are reporting bad wifi signal and continuous disconnecting of the Wifi
  • Lag in dialer app: (Affects Nexus 5) The new dialer apps is the one causing most of the issues as it is incredibly laggy
  • Random Reboot: (Affects Nexus 4) device will reboot randomly, something that was supposedly fixed in earlier Android versions
  • Auto Brightness: (affects Nexus 4) This bug was also patched in earlier versions but seems to have returned now causing the auto-brightness to not automatically change
  • Battery drain issues: (Affects Nexus 7 and Nexus 10) all though the list of bugs affecting the Nexus 7 and 10 isn’t as long as the 5 and 4, the bugs affecting them are definitely the most annoying as users report battery problems after upgrading to 4.4.3. (can also be caused by the Play Store, more info here)
  • Notification issues: (Nexus 7 and Nexus 10) Users aren’t seeing any notifications with certain apps at random

Hopefully we see Google talk about these bugs or an upcoming Android version that fixes them during next week’s Google I/O. Are you seeing any of these bugs? Experiencing other issues? Let us know!

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  1. An old bug is back. If you have an virtual mobile provider (using another companys network) you only can go online via roaming. The phone does not recognize the network as it’s own.

  2. My Moto X is experiencing lags in the keyboard popping up, GPS signal lost, massive battery drain, and sever overheating.

  3. Maps app and GPS are the most annoying I have faced so far. Navigation keeps crashing, freezing or loosing GPS signal.

  4. My N7 CM11 continues to reboot at random. Battery use disappointing. Now have a charger in the recent room. One in the family room/kitchen. And a third in the bedroom, just to have one close by for frequent charging. WiFi can also be frustrating as it flip flops around between signals. Hope KK5 (whatever) resolves issues. They should add the ‘beta’ tag until they get to RC.

  5. My Nexus 4 enters the sleep of death several times a day – it simply refuses to resume when I hit the power button. I have to reboot to regain control. Very frustrating, as I don’t know when this has hit, and thus don’t know when my family is unable to reach me.

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