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Google also working on Drone Delivery System

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently introduced the Drone delivery system in which automated drones will deliver your under 5 pound order in less then 30 minutes right at your door step, but technology giant Google is also working on its own drone-like deliver system.

Google’s Shopping Express service is currently only available in the San Francisco bay area but allows you to get your order on the same day as you made it, 9to5Google claims to “have heard some wild information” regarding the implementation of self driving cars and drones to deliver your items, these technologies will be implemented in a near future (circa 2015)

We know Google has been working for a long time on a self driving car and it will be no surprise if in the upcoming years we will see a final product be launched. The Google delivery project is currently headed by Google co-founder Sergey Bin, someone who loves gadgets and new innovating technologies (for example: Google Glass) so hearing Google is also working on a drone like delivery system is no surprise. Well, It seems like in the upcoming years Google will battle Amazon in the skies. Here is a video demonstrating how Amazon Prime Air works: