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Leaked iOS 8 screenshot shows new Text Edit, Tips and Healthbook app

Several days after Apple released its GM version of iOS 7.1 the first images of Apple’s upcoming version of iOS (which we assume will be called iOS 8) have already leaked showing off some interesting new apps among those are “Preview”, “Tips”, “Text Edit” and “Healthbook” according to 9to5mac these images which appeared first on Chinese social network Sina Weibo are legit “I have confirmed with several sources that these shots are legitimate.”

(And no, those are not the final iOS 8 icons!) Lets take a look at what we can expect of these apps and what we know so far of iOS 8:

  • Preview: This App will be familiar for those who use Mac OSX on a daily basis, on iOS 8 this app will be working with iCloud which will allow you to preview PDF’s and other documents on your iOS device. Apple has already added support to sharing documents to iCloud in Mac OSX with Mountain Lion but hasn’t yet implemented anything that would allow you to view the files on iOS.
  • Text Edit: Works similar to Preview but with documents, Apple has already added support on Mac OSX version of Text Edit that allow you to share your documents with iCloud, but not yet with iOS it appears like this will change in iOS 8
  • Tips: We currently don’t know much about Tips.
  • Healthbook: This is definitely the most interesting app of the list and could be a clear hint confirming the existence of the iWatch. Healthbook will serve 3 different purposes: Track weight loss, Fitness monitoring and Health Tracking. According to previous leaked info the App will work with existing fitness trackers like the Fitbit and UP jawbone. As far as health tracking, the app will be able to give you a detailed overview of your blood pressure, hydration levels and heart rate.

Here is another screenshot in which you can see the OS version which indicates 8.0

iOS 8.0 settings