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Doing Your Job On The Go

Seemingly, almost every study on work satisfaction brings up the importance of flexibility. Even for employees who work in an industry where flexible scheduling and workspace aren’t true possibilities, it’s definitely an ideal situation. It’s important for many industry workers to have immediate access to data as our society is becoming more and more used to receiving information ASAP. 

Doing one’s job on the go is only going to become more and more desirable. With time thus being spent on driving to appointments or back to a main office, software systems that use the cloud and can make use of mobile technology are highly beneficial and due to their popularity, we could easily see more industries taking a more flexible approach to employment activities.


With that in mind, let’s look at how three traditional industries are beginning to benefit from being able to do their jobs anywhere.

Health and Home Care

With workers being on the go so often in fields such as these, it’s critical to have tools that let them do everything from check schedules to create invoices and view records. There are even home care software products that use texting so that workers can receive text message reminders about shifts, which can drastically reduce confusion and worker absence. 


Veterinary Science


Even if a vet doesn’t make house calls, software that in compatible with tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, makes patient care significantly more efficient and much more convenient. Avimark does everything from tracking inventory to providing searchable dental records on the fly and can send appointment reminders to clients. For vets who do provide in-house services, a system like this can drastically reduce time spent accessing records.


Insurance Sales


Anyone who has ever applied for a particular type of insurance coverage knows that the process can be time-consuming and meticulous to say the least. Even the salesmen themselves can attest to the antiquated, drawn-out process involved with selling insurance policies. However, a few technological advancements have led to an increase in speed and efficiency. Applied Mobile Producer, for example, is designed to work with tablets and strives to streamline the insurance sales process. It also works with GPS technology to help agents who are in the field.