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iPhone 6 to be 0.22inches thin and features A8 processor at 2.6GHz

Rumor: The expectations of the upcoming iPhone 6 are very high, and according to a recent leak from Sonny Dickson the specs of the iPhone 6 might just meet those expectations as a recent tweet from Sonny claims the iPhone 6 will indeed feature an A8 processor at 2.6GHz, ultra-retina screen with 389ppi and be just 0.22inches thin in comparison to the current iPhone 5S which is 0.30inches.

Sonny Dickson is well known for its leaks of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year as he revealed images of the devices months before they actually got revealed, we are uncertain of the legitimacy of this leak as Sonny did leak several iPhone 6 images which turned out to be fake earlier this month (see them here).

The iPhone 6 which is expected to be revealed later this year will also feature a larger display,  to appear a larger market, the rumored sizes are 4.7 inches and a much larger 5.0+ inch. The device will also run on Apple’s new iOS version called iOS 8 of which we recently saw the first screenshots and details leaked.