Install Android M Developer Preview with MultiROM

MultiROM allows you to switch between various ROMs at the same time. Android M Developer Preview is still in beta and the developer preview shouldn’t be your daily driver, if you are still interested in trying it out you can use MultiROM to switch between Android Lollipop and Android M.

The latest MultiROM v32c adds support for the Android M Developer Preview which means that you can now install Android M and switch between Android Lollipop and Android M. The guide bellow will teach you step by step how to install Android M Developer Preview build MPZ44Q with MultiROM, before we start, MultiROM requires root access make sure to check out our guide on How to root Android M Developer Preview since it is REQUIRED before we start.

Tips and Tricks before installing Android M Developer preview MultiROM

Before starting to root, Install Custom ROM or modify Android in any way we always highly recommend you create a full system backup. There are several methods to Create a Backup in Android M. Bellow we will go step by step on how to successfully create a backup and restore it in case something goes wrong while installing Android M using MultiROM:

You should also have Developer Mode enabled on Android M. Developer Mode will allow you to enable USB Debugging (which is required in this tutorial), make small changes like speeding up animations, change the default Light Theme, change CPU usage and more. Here is how to enable Android M Developer Mode:

  • Navigate to Settings > Find your Build Number > Tap it 7 times until a popup appears.

Once confirmed. It will show a new options in your Settings app called “Developer Options”. From here, make sure to enable USB Debugging. The bellow guide will teach you step by step how to install Android M Developer Preview using MultiROM.

Install Android M Developer Preview with MultiROM

 Step 1 – Head over to the Play Store page and download the latest MultiROM App

Step 2 – Open the app and it will install a TWRP modified recovery for multiboot

Step 3 – Download the and flash it into the created Recovery

Step 4 – Boot into recovery mode

Step 5 –  tap Advanced, then MultiROM, then Add ROM.

Step 6 – Choose “.zip file” and select the Android M Developer Preview

Step 7 – You can now switch between your original ROM and Android M Developer Preview by rebooting your system.

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  1. I am on a F2FS Lollipop rom as my primary one. And I cant boot the M preview. Is this because of F2FS?

    1. This would require an Android M developer preview with data as f2fs. Currently there are non so it is not possible.

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