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How to Create a Nandroid Backup Without Rebooting

A NANDroid Backup consist in backing up a perfect mirror image of Android operation system. While some Backup methods only save some of your information a NANDroid backup will save literally everything, from your own personal data to the system files (widgets, ringtones, login, account settings, system settings to just mention a few).

Why is it important to create a NANDroid Backup?

Creating a good backup of your device is crucial, specially when experimenting with custom ROM’s and rooting your device. To get a better understanding of what a few minutes of work can safe you from, here are just some of the things a NANdroid security backup can safe you from:

  • When you accidentally load malware onto your device
  • Recovery any loss of personal data
  • Failed Flash attempt? Android keeps crashing? Easily restore your copy.
  • Easily restore to your stock Android image (specially handy when waiting for an OTA update or if you are giving or selling your device to a friend)

 Method 1: Create an Online NAndroid Backup without recovery mode

Usually when backing up your device you need to reboot and enter recovery mode, something that can be a huge pain. Using a simple app like Online Nandroid  it is possible to create the backup without rebooting, here is how: (This does require a rooted device)

  1. Download and install Online Nandroid Backup here
  2. Open up the app and select if you want to make a custom or scheduled backup
  3. You can also customize the automatic backup manager
  4. Click on “Manage Scheduled Backup”
  5. Change the time of day, how many times a day etc.

The advantage of using this app is that you can keep using Android and don’t have to reboot to perform the backup