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Top 3 Encrypted Mail Services available on Desktop and Mobile

Ever since it was revealed what the NSA could be potentially doing with our personal information such as reading through our emails, everyone has become a lot more concerned about what they share online. While at the moment there is no completely secure way to communicate on the internet, these next three services will help keep your email secure by adding features such as encryption, unique key codes, and much more to ensure that your messages are kept safe. All of the services mentioned are compatible with desktop and mobile.


If you’re looking for a safe, free and secure way to send emails online then Lockbin could be the perfect service for you. To get started you don’t even need to go through the whole setup process, as using Lockbin is easy. Your messages are sent using an AES-256 bit encryption method, and once the email is sent all you need to do is give the unlock key to whoever you sent the email to. Though this may seem like a long process, it’s actually a good way to make sure that they are the only ones who read the message, and once the email has been read, it’s deleted from the servers.

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Hushmail is a web-based email client which aims to give you peace of mind if you’re sending messages which you wish to keep private. Hushmail will automatically encode each message you send with their encryption tech, which means that you will need a special code to view the email. Standard industry encryption algorithms are used and even your webmail is kept safe thanks to HTTP secure. Hushmail is free, but you can upgrade if you need more storage space and features. Check out the mobile app

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Since the shutdown of Lavabit, which Edward Snowden used to send his emails when he was exposing the NSA, Lavaboom has now launched, and the German-based and supposedly NSA-proof email service will go into beta this week. The creators of Lavaboom hope to make encrypted email accessible to everyone by making its encryption as simple as sending a regular email. Lavaboom is a free service with a 500MB mailbox that is made secure by three main principles which are the end to end encryption, zero-knowledge privacy and three-way authentication. Although the service is free, there are additional premium and plus plans for those who want the extra space.