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How to stream movies (in 1080p) from your PC to your Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV at home and multiple computers (both Macs and PC’s), you might have tried using AirPlay to mirror your computer screen or watch a movie from your Mac on your Apple TV, but if you try to do the same thing from a Windows PC you might have noticed that there is no way in using Airplay to mirror your screen or play a movie or a song on your Apple TV via iTunes, so how can i fix this? Here is how:

  1. In order to do this, we are going to use a third party app called AirParrot which works both on Mac and PC (does require an Apple TV 2cnd generation or later)
  2. You can purchase it for $9.99 or download it for free (maybe not 100% legal or recommended)
  3. Once installed, open up the app
  4. Right click the icon on the left bottom of the screen (on the taskbar)
  5. Select your Apple tv under “Airplay Mirroring
  6. Open up a movie in full screen on your PC and voila!

Airplay mirroring PC

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