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How to setup and configure Google Play Trusted Places

In a recent update of Google Play services to version 6.5 Google has added a new feature called Trusted Places, after already having a trusted face and trusted device option. The new feature allows you to add a location, if your phone is in the area your phone will remain unlocked and you won’t need to enter the passcode or combination.

Google Play Service 6.5 APK Download

In order to get this new feature you will have to upgrade GPS to 6.5 if you haven’t already. You can do this by downloading the and manually install it on your device. Keep in mind that you are required to run  Android 5.0 or above in order to be able to install it, once installed we can start to configure Google Play trusted Places

Configure Google Play Trusted Places

configure trusted places

Once installed, open up the app and head over to “Smart Lock” and the new option called “Trusted Places” should appear. Google will automatically select any locations you might have saved in Google Maps but by hitting the “Add Trusted Place” button you will be able to add a custom location. Using the search bar or by dropping a pin on the map you will be able to created a Trusted Location.