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Google Wallet could get Bitcoin support soon

All though it isn’t official we might see Google, one of worlds most innovating companies accept the latest disruptive technology since the Internet itself: Bitcoins. Reddit user JasonBored emailed Vic Gundotra ( Senior Vice President, Social for Google) to ask if Google Wallet will get support for Bitcoin any time soon, to which he got an immediate reply

In the reply Vic tells Jason that “they are paying attention to it” and added Sridhar Ramaswamy (SVP, Ads & Commerce at Google) the man who is in charge of Google Wallet to the email. It is surprising to see Vic give this kind of answer since Google has previously been seen as a (semi) anti-BTC company.

In the same post made to Reddit by Jason he tells us something i completely agree with “If Google had NO plans in regards to Bitcoin, this guy would be smart enough not to respond to such an email”.

There are already many Bitcoin wallets available for android but users are looking for one single wallet that can hold both their non-virtual currency money and their Bitcoins and alt coins. Google Wallet could be the perfect wallet to do just that if Google accepts bitcoins. Read the full email here

Update: Google has released an official form where users can submit their suggestion on what Google should do with Bitcoins, check it out here