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How to get to the Bitcoin Conference 2014 only spending Bitcoins

Between 15 and 17 May the Bitcoin 2014 Conference in Amsterdam will take place. With the fast speed at which Bitcoins have been growing, more stores and restaurants accept Bitcoins as a payment method in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland there are a ton of restaurants, stores, hotels, and other services where you can make use of your Bitcoins.

So, How do I get to Amsterdam spending just Bitcoins? Where can I spend my Bitcoins once I am there?

 Paying for transport using Bitcoins

The first thing you will need in order to attend the conference is a way to actually get there, for those who live in Holland this isn’t really a big issue but for those who live in other countries, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get to Amsterdam using Bitcoins.

Using BTCTRIP you can book a flight using just Bitcoins from almost anywhere in the world to Amsterdam. The service is still in Beta but gained in popularity over the past couple of weeks and is a service we can highly recommend.

Hotel Services in Amsterdam that accept Bitcoins

With more than 300.000 hotels, SimplyTravel is the best way to find a hotel which you can pay for using Bitcoins. They accept Bitcoins as payment methods on all of the hotels and have previously sponsored the Atlanta Cryptocurrency conference.

Restaurants that accept Bitcoin 

In Amsterdam there are many restaurants where you can have a really nice dinner and pay using Bitcoins, one of the more famous ones is De Waag, offering lunch and dinner, at De Waag you can have a lovely dinner and pay for it by sending the bitcoins to the address or using NFC technology to transfer them to one of the waiters.

Another big company that accepts Bitcoins as a payment method is ThuisBezorgd (translation:  HomeDelivery). This service which is incredibly popular in holland allows you to purchase food from more than 5.000 restaurants and get it delivered right to your Hotel room! For a more detailed list of places that Accept Bitcoins in Amsterdam, make sure to check out this list

Bitcoin ATM’s in Amsterdam

You are in the middle of Amsterdam and wanted to make a “Bitcoin-only trip” but, your phone battery is running out, you are hungry and you have no money on you, what now? Well, if there is really no way you can pay for a meal or you simply want to buy more Bitcoins so you can spend them at one of the locations or services mentioned earlier in the post, well you need to find a Bitcoin ATMThere will be ATM’s at the conference it self but there is only 1 Bitcoin ATM in Amsterdam it self, which you can find at: het Hofje van Wijs aan de Zeedijk 43 te Amsterdam.

Have any suggestions or know some cool places that accept Bitcoins in Amsterdam? Lets us know in a comment below!