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How to Fix Android 5.0 Memory Leak BootAnimation

While Google still hasn’t fixed the Android 5.0 Lollipop memory leak XDA Developer Arter has been busy finding a solution for what might be the most annoying Lollipop bug yet (which Google should fix in Android 5.1)

Arter found that the Lollipop bootanimation seems to be the one causing all the issues, specifically the Bootanimation Binary /system/bin/bootanimation and also found a solution. Here is a guide on how to fix Android 5.0 Memory Leak

How to Fix Android 5.0 Memory Leak

  1. Download the 
  2. In the .zip file there are 2 folders: CM12 and AOSP
  3. Depending on if you are running Cyanogenmod or stock Android, open one or the other.
  4. Depending on your device’s CPU architecture choose 32 or 64bit
  5. Locate the Bootanimation file inside the folder in  /system/bin (replacing the old one)
  6. The owner of the file is Root:Root
  7. Permissions are 755

I don’t run CM12 or Stock Android, how about fixes for other ROMs?

As of now there is only a fix for CM12 and OASP users, the fix has also worked for Samsung Touchwiz but not for other ROM’s. It is up to the developer to integrate this fix.