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Google working on a 100$ Nexus smartphone (Rumor)

Rumor: According to a report from MTK Google is working hard on a new Nexus smartphone that will cost just $100 and will feature a Mediatek SoC. Mediatek has recently announced new low-priced silicon chips that allow manufacturers to drastically decrease the cost of the CPU allowing them to create cheaper devices, take for example the Xiaomi Hongmi which features the quad-core MT-6589 processor and costs just $130

It seems like the rumors we heard several months back regarding Google possibly dropping the Nexus brand   in favor of Play Edition smartphones are fake. A cheaper Nexus device could be Google’s attempt to increase their market share in different markets, similar to Apple’s attempt with the iPhone 5c (which failed) currently Android devices are immensely popular in markets like India, but Google’s Nexus devices aren’t as popular, mainly due to their high price.

If the rumor is true, don’t expect Google‘s low-budget Nexus device to replace a possible Nexus 6.