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Google to drop the Nexus brand in favor of Play Edition Smartphones

Google‘s very own line up of mobile devices called “Nexus” has been around for over 4 years now,  the handsets are manufactured by different manufacturers among those are LG and HTC, the Nexus line-up of smartphones is different from other Android running devices since it features a “pure android operation system” meaning that it doesn’t have any of the modifications or UI changes other manufacturers make to the Android version that comes on their device.

According to a Tweet by Eldar Murtazin editor-in-chief Analyst of MRG Google will stop releasing Nexus smartphones in 2015, breaking the yearly new release tradition.



Currently, Samsung and HTC already have Play Editions of their smartphones, the reason why Google will drop the Nexus brand is to encourage manufacturers to start creating Play Edition versions of their handsets

manufacturers don’t like using the Play Edition brand while having to compete with the Nexus which Google is always selling cheaply.

For those who are a fan of Pure Android this mainly is good news, if Google is making it easier for manufacturers to compete on the Play Edition market and not taking over the market them selfs with the low-cost Nexus line up, we will most likely see more Play Edition handsets appear soon.