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How to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe

Usually you would just keep your wallet in your pocket when going out and every once in a while you tap your pocket to see if its still there, but with Bitcoins it is a bit different as many of you may know.

All though Bitcoin is a secure payment and is getting more popular by the minute there is also a higher chance that it could be hacked. But it is not the currency where you should worry about, its is more your private wallet that contains your bitcoins, many things can go wrong which could lead to losing all of your bitcoins. We understand this is a huge problem for Bitcoin users and decided to help you decrease the chance that you lose all of your money, here are a few things you can do in order to keep your bitcoins safe

1. Encrypting your wallet

It may sound obvious but i bet that a lot of your haven’t done it. Encrypting your wallet might be the easiest way to add a ton of security to your Bitcoin wallet. Encrypting your wallet means adding a passcode or password to your wallet that you need in order to gain access to it, We recommend you use a difficult password with a combination letters, numbers, and symbols in your passphrase. But make sure you don’t forget it, or your will have a big problem.

2. Backup your Wallet.dat file

All of your bitcoin information is stores in your wallet.dat file and it is incredibly important you back up this file. Backing up your wallet.dat file isn’t hard but the problem is: Where do you keep it that is safe? I have heard people backing it up to cloud services like Dropbox however we can’t 100% recommend this method since there is always a chance a Dropbox employee could gain access to your data or your leave your dropbox account open on a computer or maybe even your smartphone. What we do recommend is you use a few GB USB drive and store your wallet on there, then proceed to encrypt the USB drive (or CD)

3. Armory Wallet

Armory is a wallet that focuses on security. It is available for Mac, Linux, Ubuntu and Windows. Armory adds tons of extra levels of security not only allowing you to make use of the security measures talked about previously (backups and encryptions) but it will also add its own Armory signature interface. Armory is the wallet we at AmongTech recommend you use.