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Garmin introduces the VIRB a 1080p action camera

We all have heard of the small camera that records in 1080p which all famous sporters use called the GoPro, well Garmin is looking to change this by introducing the VIRB a 1080p “Action sport camera”.

The VIRB provides many features the GoPro hasn’t, like the GoPro it will record in 1080p 1920 × 1080; 30 fps but its also durable, able to endure shock, extreme temperatures and getting dunked in water, has a 3 hour lasting battery if recording in 1080p, has a 16 Megapixel camera, slowmotion up to 120fps and can make pictures at 4664×3496 resolution.

Garmin Virb Elite

Another cool feature the VIRB has is that it provides a small display allowing you to view your recordings, adjust settings etc. The VIRB also comes with ANT+ a wireless technology that will allow you to control your cameras through GPS which consumes very little power, allowing it to be on stand by for days. The standard model costs $299 and the Elite model will cost 399$ vs the GoPro stand model which starts at $199 but doesn’t include most of VIRB’s functions, the GoPro with similar functions as the VIRB starts at $449.

Garmin’s VIRB will be available this September, Do you think it will provide competition for the GoPro’s? Let us know!

Take a look at the introduction video for the VIRB

Image Courtesy Mashable source Garmin