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How to record a phone call on Android

There could be many different reasons why you would want to record a phone call between you and someone else and it is handy to know how to do so. Any Android device has the ability to record a call, lets take a look at how you can record a phone call android and save it onto your device.

How to record a Phone Call on any Android device

record my call

  1. In order to do this legally, the best way to do it for free is to use Record My Call.
  2. This will only work if you put your smartphone on Speaker so that the audio of the person you are calling also gets picked up by your Mic
  3. You can download Record My Call here
  4. Once installed, make sure to turn recording On
  5. From the app go to your contacts
  6. Look for the person you want to call
  7. The app automatically starts recording once you start calling

Method 2

  1. This method will reroute voice calls via VoIP to skirt wiretapping laws
  2. Keep in mind that these services usually do cost money, however the quality of the call is much better.
  3. You can do so by using IntCall
  4. Every call automatically gets recorded and can be found under the “Recordings” tab