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Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Changelog and list of new features

Samsung is making some big changes to TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6. The software which most consider bloatware and for some even a reason not to buy a Samsung device will have many new features and older apps will be optimized to cause less performance issues.

According to SamMobiles the Galaxy S6 might not even feature any pre-installed apps, instead most of them will be available for download from the Samsung app store, however it will most likely feature software like Microsoft Office and Skype pre-installed on the device.

Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Changelog and new features

  • Samsung’s default keyboard app supposedly looks more like a mix between the keyboard on the Galaxy Tab S and the iOS keyboard.
  • More theming options are available
  • Samsung Nudge
  •  All Samsung’s apps are more colorful and have a Material Design look.
  • You can select between 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5 icon layouts for the app drawer.
  • The app drawer no longer supports endless cycling through the list of apps (meaning you can’t go back from the last page to the first without going back through the previous pages).
  • The music app still runs in full-screen mode at all times.

According to AndroidPit the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S Edge (curved version of the S6) will most likely feature the same software features and lack of bloatware.