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How To Raise Money For Your Indie Game Through a Game-A-Thon

You may think you have the perfect idea for the next hottest indie game. Perhaps you’ve begun to plan it in depth and even recruited friends to help you along your way. However, what all new games need is money behind them to really get the idea off the ground. After all, server sites cost money, as does the software to build and design your game. The question, therefore, is how do you raise the funds you need to get your idea going? While the backing of your family and friends may be available, a fun and unusual way is to host your very own game-a-thon.

What Is A Game-A-Thon?

A game-a-thon is quite simply a gathering of players, dedicated to playing one single game together. When you host a game-a-thon, you can set challenges for the players to compete, as well as award prizes for the winners. It’s a fun way to raise money for your indie game as you can charge players a fee to join your game-a-thon, and host it online so they can play from wherever they are around the globe. You could also ask your players to raise sponsor money, for example, if they play until the very end of the game-a-thon.

Multiplayer online games work wonders for game-a-thons as they allow as many players as you can recruit to join. However, game-a-thons can also work with players meeting in a certain location to play as a team for a set amount of time, if you have the available technology.

Your game-a-thon will not only serve as a fundraising venture, but it can also raise awareness and excitement for your very own idea. You can discuss your idea with fellow gamers and gauge their reaction to what you’ve been planning. This can help guide your game to the next level.

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Find The Perfect Online Server

Hosting your game-a-thon online will allow a wider variety of players to join in. However, if you’re playing online, it’s vital you find a secure server to host. This also allows you to choose the perfect game online, such as Minecraft, which is ideal for all ages and gaming abilities. Visit Compare Game Hosting to ensure you find the best place for you and your fellow gamers to meet to compete.

Set Time Deadlines

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to host a 24-hour marathon or a two-hour sprint. The longer the game-a-thon, however, the more competitive it can become. This is because players ultimately want to win, and if playing the game for the longest amount of time is the goal, they’ll try their very hardest to play to that deadline! Perhaps you dream of your game-a-thon breaking world records. However, you should take into account how long the average game takes on your chosen platform, and if you’re hosting online, you should consider what time your game-a-thon starts, as players may join from wherever they are in the world. For example, if you start your game-a-thon at 3 pm ET, it will be 1:30 am in India and 8 pm in the UK.

Avoid Complex Games

While multiplayer games such as Final Fantasy are very popular, keeping your chosen game simple will allow more players to join and enjoy themselves. Minecraft is the perfect game for all ages and abilities, and you can set fun tasks for players to complete. If the game is too complex, you will find players will drop out of the game.