Fix OnePlus One Battery Drain after latest CM12 Nightly

OnePlus finally released an update that fixed the Touch Screen multi-touch issue which fixed the OnePlus One‘s poor touchscreen response and performance. According to Kalpik the update is now being reverted due to huge OnePlus One battery drain issues for those who have already installed the latest update, you can follow the guide bellow to fix the OnePlus One battery drain issue by disabling the Double tap to wake feature or by downgrading to an older version.

How to Fix OnePlus One Battery Drain issue

Solution 1: Disabling Double tap to wake feature

  1. Head over to Settings
  2.  Display & lights
  3.  and make sure that Prevent accidental wake-up is not checked
  4. And that Double-tap to wake is unchecked.
  5. Lock your device
  6. Try the double tap to wake
  7. If it isn’t working, you have successfully disabled it.

Solution 2: Downgrading to an older CM12 version

  1. Download the CM12 version you want to downgrade to from here
  2. Transfer the downloaded files to the root directory of your device
  3. boot your phone into fastboot mode
  4. Wipe cache, system, user data and dalvik cache
  5. Install from ZIP
  6. Select the previously flashed CM12 ROM
  7. Wait for the installation to complete.
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