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First rumors regarding new Samsung Galaxy S6 point to flexible display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched just a few weeks ago but sources have already leaked new information about Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S6. According to LEWDN inside sources say that Samsung‘s new A3 plant (which is expected to be operational November or December of 2014) will be used to manufacture flexible displays.

It is crucial that the new A3 plant becomes operational because the Galaxy S6 (and Note 5) will both include flexible displays. Analyst also claim that this is not the only big change we can expect from Samsung this year as it will improve the design of its devices in order to stay competitive and stand out in the smartphone market.

samsung market share 2014

Samsung latest device the Galaxy S5 launched just a few weeks ago and reports are already claiming it has outsold the iPhone 5S during its weekend launch, Samsung currently owns 65% of the Android device market making it the world’s top smartphone maker