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First images of iOS 8 Beta leaked showing off new icons and apps (updated)

Several weeks back we posted regarding some new information on iOS 8, which mainly will be new apps as Apple is working on a new Healthbook app, Preview, TextEdit and Tips app. All though we did know they were coming, we didn’t know how the icons would look or some of the other changes that might be coming in iOS 8.

New Leaked pictures from what appears to be the iOS 8 Beta confirm many of the previous rumors and show off several new things.

ios 8 beta

Taking a look at the image above we can see Apple has made several modifications to the Safari app icon and has added several new ones among them Preview, TextEdit, Tips, Healthbook, WatchUtility and iTunes Radio.

All though iTunes Radio isn’t new it has been rumored for some time that it would soon become a standalone app in order to compete with Spotify, Beats Music, Pandora Radio and several other music streaming services.

ios 8 beta on iPhone 5S

iOS 8 won’t be as much as a change as iOS 7 was, instead it will feature new standard apps and (what appears to be) better iWatch integration. iOS 8 is rumored to become available shortly after Apple’s WWDC 2014 conference taking place June 2, 2014.

Update: They are confirmed fake.