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A first look at Ads on Instagram

The Popular picture sharing social network Instagram announced several months back it was working on implementing ads into its social network, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Today the company showed the world in a blog post how these ads will be implemented.

A sponsored post containing an ad looks essentially the same as a normal post but you can distinguish it by looking for the “sponsored” label at the top right corner. All the ads come from “trusted brands” and brands that advertise on Instagram have been selected by Instagram them selfs, using information from connected accounts such as Facebook and Twitter it will determine what brand will display ads to you. Instagram will also allow you to tell them that you don’t like certain ads by clicking on the “…” (more) tab.

instagram ads

Ads should start appearing this week for US residents, as of now we don’t know when UK and Europe users will also start seeing ads. Here is a little gallery featuring some more examples of promoted posts on Instagram.