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Download 10 HD LG G4 wallpapers 1440×2560

Stock Wallpapers get boring real fast and to find a good wallpaper that doesn’t get boring can be hard. The new LG G4 features a 5.5inch 1440 x 2560 resolution display which means that not every image or wallpaper will look great on such a high resolution device. Bellow we have listed 10 of the best looking HD LG G4 Wallpapers all at a resolution of 1440×2560.  If you love Wallpapers don’t forget to check out our list of the 30 best Live Wallpapers for Android

Make sure to hit the “Download” button located next to every picture’s name to see the image in full resolution. On your LG G4 choose the picture you want, Long press the image and click on the “Save” button to save the picture in your Gallery.

How do i change my LG G4 Wallpaper? You can set it as your LG G4 Wallpaper by pressing and hold an empty space on the Home screen > Choose “Wallpaper”.

How do i change my LG G4 Lockscreen Wallpaper? You can set it as your LG G4 Lockscreen Wallpaper by pressing and hold an empty space on the Home screen > Choose “Wallpaper” > Choose “Lockscreen”

The 10 most amazing HD LG G4 wallpapers

1. G3 Wallpaper (download)

G3 Wallpaper for Galaxy Note 4

2. Simple cloud (Download)

Simple Cloud Nexus 6 wallpaper

3. Iron Man takeoff (Download)

Iron Man Wallpaper Nexus 6

4. Golden Sunset (download)

Golden sunset Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper

5. The MKBHD (Download)

Note 4 wallpaper 6. “Relax, Bro” Iron Man (Download)

Relax Bro iron man nexus 6
7. Nature (Download)

LG G3 wallpaper

8. Balloon (Download)

Balloon lg g3 wallpaper

9. Mechanic (Download)


10. Black and White cheetah (Download)

LG G3 cheetah wallpaper

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