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Android M Theme Engine – How to customize Android M

Custom ROM’s are mostly used for their powerful customization options or theme Engine (like Cyanogenmod) these allow users to fully customize Android to their liking. A feature included in Android M spotted by XDA user discovered after rooting their device confirms that Google has merged Android M with Sony RRO Layers commits, something Sony tried before but got rejected due to security issues.

This means that stock android now natively supports layers without the need for an aftermarket custom ROM, in other words Android M has its own Theme Engine (Android M Theme Engine) that allows you to completely customize Android M to your liking without the need to install custom ROM or use a Theme Engine like the Cyanogenmod Theme Engine.

 How to customize Android M using Layers

Android M theme engine

We are working on a more in-depth guide cover all way to fully customize Android M but for now all we can tell is that you can customize Android M using a Layer Manager. A Layer Manager allows you to choose all layers available in Android M and customize its color and appearance.

How to install a new Android M Theme? If you want to install a theme on Android M you will have to download a “Layer Theme”. This can be done by simply going to the Play Store and searching for Layer Themes. Bellow we have listed a few Android M Theme Engine ready Android M Themes:

  • Milos – Download Android M theme
  • TimberWolf – Download Android M theme
  • SkyBlue – Download Android M theme

Keep in mind that in order to be able to edit Android M Layers you will need to root your device running Android M, we already did an in-depth guide on How to root Android M. We recommend you do so and start playing around with the different layers, if you have any question or tips make sure to leave a comment bellow.