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CyanogenMod 11 M8 full list of changes

Cyanogen has just released this month “m” release, CyanogenMod 11 M8 which is based on Android Kit Kat 4.4.4 and includes new devices like the Xperia Z2, Xiaomi Mi2, Oppo Find 7 and the OnePlus One.

One of the main big new features in CM11 M8 is the new notification called “Heads Up”  which is similar to how notifications work on Android L and Paranoid android, It will display a floating notifications over your current activity and allows you to interact with the notification (similar to how it currently works on iOS 8). Here is a full changelog of Cyanogenmod 11 M8:

  • New Devices are Xperia Z2, Xiaomi Mi2, Oppo Find 7 and the OnePlus One.
  • Heads up notification
  •  Fix bug causing VPN issues
  • Various small bugfixes
  •  ‘Interface’ replaced by ‘Status Bar’, ‘Notification Drawer’, and ‘Gestures’
  • Moved ‘Expanded Desktop’ to ‘Display’
  • Moved all lock screen related items to Lock Screen in settings
  • Moved ‘Navigation Bar’ layout control to ‘Buttons’
  • New protected apps feature
  • Google Now option added on homescreen

You can download CM11 M8 for your device here or check out the unofficial changelog here


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