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Planning That Awesome Birthday Party

A birthday part can be an amazing affair people talk about for the next year running, or it can be a horrible cringe fest. The choice is yours, really.

The main element that makes a difference between an unforgettable party and a party people wish that they could forget is simply planning, plain and simple. Plan it right from the very beginning and things will go the right away. This is almost a guarantee.

Birthday invitations are a very important part of the party, because this is how the whole thing starts. So start off on the right foot. And here’s something people don’t always think about: paper invitations are really not necessary anymore in this day and age. Save a tree or two and do everything just as beautifully, but electronically. If the event is huge and people need to confirm their invitation, they can very easily do it with their phones.

The next step is to make your guest list. Be thorough, and if anything, include everybody you want to and then start paring down if the list is too large. Once you have the definitive list you can do everything else, always keeping this list in front of you as a guide.

Planning That Awesome Birthday Party - 1

The first thing to decide on after his is the space the party will be in. Think about the type of people you are hosting, ages, preferences etc. If it’s going to be a kids party, for example, don’t hold it in the dining room with all the fine china and crystal, unless you are willing to store it and move it back after the party. If there are a bunch of people who don’t like the heat, think twice about holding it outdoors in the middle of high summer. If it’s going to be around dusk, think twice about having it outside unless you have a plan to deal with the insects, mosquitos etc.

From there, things will start to flow more easily. You can plan what kind of food and drinks to serve, what games to play etc. The only real guiding principle here is: don’t try to outdo yourself and be too clever with super-original ideas. They tend to have unforeseen consequences. And think especially long and hard about food allergies, which is unfortunately more and more of an issue every year.

Following these tips will surely lead you to having much more success planning your next birthday party. Good luck and enjoy!