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iOS 8 beta 3 full list of Changes and images of UI tweaks

Apple has just released iOS 8 beta 3 to developers several weeks after it released Beta 2 which mainly brought bug fixes. The update is available to developer which currently have iOS 8 on their device, the final version of iOS 8 is expected to release later this fall, the build number of this update is: 12A4318c. This is an email sent out to all developers:

email ios 8 beta 3 developers

It was previously already rumored that the update would come out either July 7 or July 8, it seems that the rumors were accurateHere is a full list of changes made in the update:

This post is still under development, please refresh this post to reveal new information… [we are still looking for changes in the update, if you find any, make sure to leave a comment]

  • New iCloud Drive. When you power on your device it will ask you if you want to start using iCloud Drive
  • BETA Update for Find my iPhone and Find My Friends also available
  • Fixed a ton of bugs causing app crashes
  • WhatsApp still doesn’t work in Beta 3
  • Small improvements and UI changes have been made to the Weather app
  • New Wallpapers are now available 
  • New feature called “Handoff” that allows you to “continue apps to and from all your icloud devices” handoff
  • New sharing options in pictures that allows you to easily share moments share options
  • New Setting called “Quicktime”
  • You can now automatically save all incoming media via iMessage on your device with a simple option.
  • Number dictation (number keypad)
  • New Search feature in iPhotos (allowing you to search by moment or date)
  • New Animations
  • Now FaceTime call history can filter video call and voice calls
  • Playlists sizes are now shorter.
  • QuickType now has a little bar to access it.
  • New WIFI feature called “Wifi Calling” which allows you to make phone calls using your Mac running Yosemite wificalling
  • YouTube/video in third party apps seems to work again.
  • Slight changes made to the “Clear” tab in the notification tab
  • clear tab ios 8 beta 3
  • Redesigned app store app store ios 8 beta 3