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Bug causes HTC One M8 to factory reset after failing to unlock device

We keep all of our personal information from pictures, email and other data on our smartphone and it is important to have it secure so people you might not want can’t access this data without knowing your password.

Since the very first Android and iOS smartphones, the “slide to unlock” and passcode have been something that almost everyone has turned on its smartphone. But a very unfortunate bug on the new HTC One M8 (it is just unknown if the HTC One M8 mini will have this bug) causes the device to factory reset after just 10 failed to log in attempts, like mentioned previously we usually keep personal and important information on our device, we don’t want people to access this information but we also don’t want to lose it.

There usually is a setting to disable this, but on the M8 it isn’t there. The device will give you a warning after 5 failed attempts, but it will still reset it self completely if you fail to remember your passcode. Here is a video from the guys over at Phanandroid that shows just how the bug works:


So how can you prevent losing all of your data? The device will only wipe stuff that is on its internal storage but not on your SDCard, so if you do have an SD card on your device, we suggest you keep stuff like pictures and videos stored on there, make sure to check out our guide on how to back up your Android device to the cloud which will prevent losing any data.