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HTC One M8 Mini release date leaked, set to release late May

HTC is currently working on a smaller 4.5 inch HTC One M8 Mini that will feature a 4.5inch display instead of a 5inch display. We first heard about a Mini version of the recently announced flagship device from HTC, after a Swedish carrier listed the device on its website several weeks ago.

The Mini won’t only feature a small display but it will also have 720p screen resolution and according to the latest rumores, the specs are as following:

According to 3G, the new Mini device won’t feature a dual camera set up like the HTC One M8 does which is one of the main new features in the device and allow the device to know what objects are far away or close to you when making a picture, it also allows you to re-focus the image once you have taken the picture. As of now we don’t know the price of the device but it will become available late May 2014.