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HTC falsifies HTC One M8 benchmark score

Several months back we made a post in which we show how Samsung is falsifying the benchmark score of its Galaxy Note 3, something that the company fixed later on with an update. But it seems to become a trend as smartphone manufacturer HTC is also cheating on the benchmark score of the HTC One M8 revealed earlier this week.

There are 2 versions of the popular benchmark app called AnTuTu one is AnTuTu and the other one is AnTuTu X. The X version came out after it turned out that several manufacturers were indeed cheating on the benchmark results, the X will show you what the true benchmark result is instead of the one that the manufacturer wants you to see. Here are the results of a recent test done by Eprice with the 2 different versions of AnTuTu:

htc one m8 benchmark cheat

On the left is the normal Antutu benchmark result in which the M8 has a score of 38815 while on the right is the Antutu X benchmark result with a score of just 27171, not even bypassing the S4 or LG G2.