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You can now only Boot Camp Windows 8 or later on new Mac Pro

Many Mac users will know that Apple has a little tool that allows you to easily install an operation system like Windows or Ubuntu using Boot Camp which can be chosen to boot up instead of Mac OSX holding the Command key while your Mac is booting up, but according to a Apple Support document released regarding the latest update, Apple has dropped support for older Windows version and now only allows you to install Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or higher in Boot Camp (like the yet unannounced Windows 9)

This has been confirmed by Twocanoes  which has released several screenshots showing only Windows 8 as an option to install when using the Boot Camp installation assistant

bootcamp instalation

Since this was discovered many users have already complained on Apple’s official forum due to the hate to Windows 8 as most users prefer Windows 7 over the newer version of Microsoft’s operation system, currently we don’t know why Apple has removed the earlier Windows versions,