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Fitness App ARGUS adds support for iPhone 5S M7 coprocessor

The activity tracking app ARGUS that lets you monitor and manage your activities, workouts, sleep, food consumption, hydration, weight and vitals has just been updated to version 2.0 adding support for both iOS 7 and Apple’s new M7 co-processor, which actually ranked third in our Top 3 iPhone 5S features. The M7 coprocessor is a processor designed to work in “harmony” with the 64-bit A7 processor, taking some load of the Dual Core CPU for tasks like measuring motion, accelerometer, and gestural data.


The fact that this has been added to the App will allow users to get much more accurate measurements, ARGUS is one of the first fitness apps to make full use of the new M7 processor, and we hope to see more apps getting support for it soon. Check out ARGUS in the App store