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Car Enhancements That Are Worth Spending Money On

Most car enthusiasts know that there are seemingly endless options for car upgrades and enhancements today. And the market for these enhancements continues to expand and car owners are dishing out billions each year on them. The good news is that vehicle upgrades are becoming more and more affordable. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade or customize your ride, read on for a roundup of some of the best ways to spend your money.

Sound System and Electronics

When it comes to enhancing muscle cars, not much is needed from the exterior perspective. But car enthusiasts may opt to upgrade their Chevrolet Camaro or other sports car with quality sound. A subwoofer is a great way to increase the decibel output on your Chevy Camaro and is key for those who value quality sound. Likewise, a set of decent speakers, a new head unit or even an amplifier for crisper sound are economical ways to enhance your car’s stereo capabilities. And a unit that is iPod- and iPhone-friendly with Bluetooth capabilities are all but necessary today.

Heads-up displays (or HUDs) showcase navigation as a projection on the windshield, like speed, mileage and more so that your eyes don’t have to veer from the road ahead. Though newer cars are coming standard with HUDs, you can install a standalone system into your car.

Comfort and Appeal

Racing seats are a relatively easy way to replace your boring or worn out car seats. Not only does this make your car more appealing to look at, it also will provide more support when you’re driving.

You can also pretty easily and affordably enhance the interior of your vehicle with a steering wheel cover that will look and feel better while driving. And speaking of comfort, built-in heating pads for car seats as well as massaging seats will give you the feel of a spa right in the driver’s seat. Also, your ride’s dashboard is an easy upgrade by replacing the illumination and replacing the dashboard pad.

Safety Measures

Perhaps most importantly, though, are upgrades you can make to your car’s safety features. Brakes are a key part of safety, and essential to allowing your car to keep you save. Experts suggest a good set of break pads, quality brake fluid and brake ducts for protecting your brake system from becoming overheated.

Experts suggest a good set of brake pads, quality brake fluid and brake ducts for protecting your brake system from becoming overheated.

Similarly, when it comes to safety, another value-add upgrade is a blind spot warning system. Since every vehicle experiences blind spots, a blind spot detection system’s sensors can help ensure your safety when switching lanes and allowing you to focus on the road.

Performance Features

When it comes to your vehicle’s performance, tires are key. Performance tires can dramatically increase the way your car performs. When it comes to sports cars, it can be tricky choosing the right ones, but these tried and true tires top the list from experts.

Other performance upgrades include exhaust upgrade packages, engine covers and suspension packages. Outdated cooling fans should also be replaced if you want your car to run more efficiently. Experts note that if your vehicle is from the 1990s or earlier, chances are, your cooling fan isn’t operating at an optimum level. Additionally, installing a bigger radiator can offer your vehicle more cooling capacity, allowing it to keep your engine and all of its components cool.

Upgrades that are deemed important vary for each car owner. However, safety and performance should always take top precedence. And rest assured that your investment in upgrades isn’t for nothing. An added bonus is that enhancements like the aforementioned can, often times, mean a better resale value for you in the future.