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Apple promises to fix iMessage bug in future iOS update

Many users have been complaining about not receiving text messages from their iPhone on their Android device, this happens when a user switches from an iPhone to an Android device but keep the same phone number, a glitch causes text messages to go to iMessage (a service which isn’t supported on Android) and not show up on Android.

Since users have been complaining about this Apple has fixed a mayor software bug affecting the iMessage servers, but don’t expect the issue to be completely resolved until future iOS updates the Sillicon valley based company told Re/Code in an official statement.

As of now there is no way of knowing if Apple will release a small iOS 7.1 update that will fix the bug or users will have to wait to iOS 8 comes around in order for this issue to get addressed, which is not expected to release until late summer. In the mean time there is a way for users to avoid this problem:

  1. Turn off iMessage on your iPhone (if you don’t have your iPhone any more, you will need to use someone else’s)
  2. Remove the phone number from any other device that has iMessage (like your iPad, Mac etc.)

This solution has fixed the issue for some users but many are still reporting issues. Are you having this issue? Know a better solution? Let us know!