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Apple patents Sapphire Touch Screen Back panel

A new Apple patent reveals that the company might be working on a touch screen back cover which could be used to control the device to for example change audio settings (volume up, down, next song, previous song, play pause and stop) use the camera, go to home screen and many more.

Previous rumors indicate that the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire glass front panel and in the patent application Apple mentions that the back cover will be made of “sapphire glass” a material that stands out for its Hardness, scratch resistance and durability. The back cover will be made of several layers, the patent also defines one of these layers to be an electronic display which could mean that it will not only act as a way to receive actions from the user (Similar to how the PS Vita touch back cover works) but also as a display.

apple touch screen back panel patent

Apple is one of the first companies to start using Sapphire glass on its devices as its new flagship smartphone the iPhone 5S already includes a camera lens made of sapphire glass and its Touch ID home button.