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4 Tech-Powered Innovations To Streamline The Onboarding Process - 2

4 Tech-Powered Innovations To Streamline The Onboarding Process

Many companies typically follow the conventional onboarding process. In recent years, there have been advancements in almost every aspect of it. This includes highly appealing onboarding procedures and incorporating technology into the mix. Today, many businesses are turning to technological innovations. Companies use them to streamline daily operations and improve overall effectiveness and productivity, including the…

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7 Tips for SMB Bookkeeping Success - 4

7 Tips for SMB Bookkeeping Success

Poorly tracked finances can leave you in a whole world of hurt. Managing your finances correctly allows you to make massive tax savings, avoid penalties, and keep tabs on your business’s financial progress. Running a small or medium-sized business is challenging because you need to think about the numbers while managing product development, marketing, and…

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Rooting android

Android crypto key vulnerability affecting 86% of all devices Fixed

A Crypto Key vulnerability that was affecting all Android 4.3 or lower devices (more then 86% of all Android devices) allowed hackers to acquire confidential information stored on your device. The vulnerability which was discovered by a security research team of IBM states that the vulnerability can be exploited using the android KeyStore (secured storage within the…

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