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3 best smartwatches that run Android Wear

As Google announces Android Wear, several manufacturers have already announced their own smartwatch that will run Google’s new smartwatch operation system. With LG, Motorola and Samsung launching their own devices later this year, lets take a look at which one you should buy once they launch

1. Moto 360

Mainly the design is what makes the Moto 360 stand out from the crowd, the beautifully crafted stainless steel (opposed to cheap black plastic) round display gives the device a “premium feeling and look”, it is also running Google’s latest operation system, Android Wear. All though little about the specs of the device is known, we do know that we can expect it to launch later this summer starting at around $249

2. Gear Live

Samsung also unexpectedly announced its own Gear smartwatch running Android Wear, being essentially a replica of the Gear 2 but instead of Tizen running Android Wear. With a 320×320 square display, weighing just 59 grams and costing just $199 it is the lightest and cheapest of our list.

3. LG G Watch

lg g watch

Featuring your typical square display, the LG G watch lacks the “wow” factor the Moto 360 has. Featuring a 280×280 display, weighing 63 grams and starting at $229 it is not the lightest or the cheapest out there, making the G watch deserve a number 3 spot on our list.

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