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Moto 360 will pack Sapphire glass to make it more scratch resistant

According to a leakster who has previously leaked many information regarding Motorola devices and has every time been almost 100% accurate, claims that the Moto 360 will be made of Sapphire glass (opposing to Corning’s Gorilla Glass which is what most other smartwatches on the market use) to make the device more scratch resistant and will be charged wirelessly, G4Game reports

All though the device was revealed last week we don’t know much about it except that its design is amazing, that it will become available some time during Summer of 2014 and that it will run Android Wear, Google’s new operation system specially designed for wearables.

android wear gif

The fact that the device will be charged wirelessly didn’t come as a surprise as previously Barbara Liss (Motorola’s senior director of social media) had already confirmed that the device won’t be charged with an USB instead they will use a “secret” method, which turns out to magnetic induction wireless charging. Here is the introduction video of the new Moto360 

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