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5 Electronic Must-haves for A Bachelor Pad

Creating the perfect bachelor pad requires more than just the location. The contents, or rather, the accessories that will be housed in it, are more important. Well, saying that you need accessories is easy, but, deciding which ones are must-haves, is such a tricky affair.

You need to hype the place with accessories that will not only appease to yourself but also friends, girlfriend and to some extent, your mom. However, this is your favorite space, so, prioritize yourself when getting the accessories. In this post, we discuss some five electronics that you must have to achieve that amazing bachelor pad.

Here is the roundup of the irreplaceable appliances that a bachelor must possess in their pad. They are readily and cheaply available, thanks to suppliers such as Selby.

1)    Television

Two men in living room watching television and cheering

TV is one of the greatest inventions of man. Unlike many appliances that are invented then replaced with time, it has remained integral to human life. Well, imagine your bachelor pad without a focal point. It would not only be boring and dull but would never qualify as a complete living quarter overall. Find the perfect screen!

2)    Home theatre

The list began with the TV because a home theatre in the absence of a TV would not appear normal. Theatre is about performance, sound and sight. Now, integrate your television with a powerful home theatre system to optimize your audio experience. Whether it is for gaming, movie or music, this must-have electronic will have you covered. Unlike standard audio systems, a home theater gives you the best sound, making sure you inch closer to reality.

3)    Air con

Coupling the home theatre with the TV makes your bachelor space a hotspot of awesomeness. From this, you expect excitement (for example when gaming or watching sports). The result is a heated or stuffy room, if unconditioned. To retain the serenity and enjoyment, install an efficient air con. The opposite might also apply; when your girlfriend is not around, you might end up freezing. Turn up the heat and keep living!

4)    Gaming console



Traditionally, chess boards and poker games were the modes of gaming in bachelor pads. Today, thanks to technology, we have the gaming consoles. Keep one in handy to spice up the moments when you have friends around. Gaming is an alternative to outdoor fun such as during harsh weather or when your moods dictate that you remain under house arrest.

5)    Refrigerator

Last but not least on our electronics list is the cold box. This should be the last thing to leave out. Think about drinking a warm beer on a hot afternoon. Think of going to the store every time you crave ice cream. Ever pictured her complaining of tasteless Soda? Gross, right? Luckily for you, the refrigerator will do more than the above for you, including giving the pad a “complete” look.

Once you have these in your pad, you will be set for the thrill. However, this list is not exhaustive; you can add anything else that you feel will improve your life. Finally, always upgrade them whenever applicable to avoid boredom and being outdated.

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